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A Company Specialising in Export and International Trade

Exporting the Goods You Need

The UK market is filled with general and specialist goods of the highest quality, but for people living in Africa, they can seem a distant dream. However, our export services allow customers in Africa to enjoy a brand-new car or a luxurious piece of furniture.

An Efficient Shipping Service

Despite the long distance that your goods will have to travel, we will make sure they arrive safely and on time. Dusk Commercials works closely with a number of reputable shipping agents to make sure that our clients receive a reliable shipping service.

About Us

Based in the UK, we are a company specialized in vehicle exports and international trade with more than 9 years of experience. We provide one stop services which include sourcing, payment facilitation, shipping, receiving port clearance and logistics to final destinations. Whether you are looking for a reliable tractor to cultivate your land, rigid or any other type of truck, vans or cars, get in touch with us. Dusk Commercials is proud to be a professionally and ethically driven company, which includes maintaining low, affordable prices for our customers.